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Well, we provide Service Referrals

Any group that says they can provide all things OSINT is not very well versed in OSINT. That should be a red flag. We have referrals to OSINT Services just contact us and describe your request we will undoubtedly call you back so leave a contact number and we will match you with a few referrals for you to contact if you choose to do so.

Our biggest request is for Open Source Intelligence or OSINT and Data Collection Training.

  • Training for Government Agencies
  • Training for Law Enforcement
  • Training for Fraud Departments
  • Training for Journalists
  • Training for Head Hunters and Placement Firms
  • Training for Marketing Firms

So YES, we have quite a list of qualified OSINT Trainers.

In case you are not aware some of the best people in the OSINT field do not advertise but are found by referrals this is a free referral service.

So “knowing who knows” is a valuable service we provide.
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