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Imagine a time when we Crowd Source the expertise and far reaching resources of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigator and Hacker Community for Noble Pursuits. THAT TIME IS NOW!
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If you took a second look at the green thing with the spiral cord RJ9 connector attached. Then you are fitting right in and the admins are to old. Just saying admins makes us old.

Location: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 102 Chicago, IL 60654-9998

Email: (come on you knew it was coming which of course was created with IP logs disabled and is forwarded to another Email)

Phone Number: (214) 748-3647 look us up or Google us.

So to save you some time. The address of 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 102 Chicago, IL 60654-9998 is the Merchandise Mart or simply theMART  is a USPS mail drop with forwarding to of all places Ohopee, Fl where a community member reads it if they are sober, or remember to check the mail.

But I thought protonmail was breached wasn’t it? Well if you had our newsletter you would know it was either a breach or a hoax and failed extortion attempt…

And finally a few members are ok with their identities being public. They are the same members who have hosted the site as well as others  at their own expense and goodwill. So Doxxing them or the other affiliated sites is kind of redundant.. Or in other words a waste of time as they do not care, and is kind of like shouting to the world that you discovered that 2 + 2 is four. Terrific, and its been done.
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